Teach Trust has been committed to the all-round development of its students and true to this ideology, some of its valuable aims are:-

  • To provide best support needed for poor and needy students.
  • To help students achieve academic excellence and brilliance in all fields of life.
  • To orient them to a sense of responsibility towards self, society and the nation.
  • To develop the feeling of universal brotherhood among students and staff.
  • To Provide Quality Education and best infrastructure.
  • To develop scientific approach in students for crystal clear thinking.
  • To develop technical skills in students.
  • To develop leadership and management qualities in students.
  • To inculcate in the students rich moral, social and professional ethics so that they
  • could do justice to their role as 'Nation-Builders'.
  • To make the students adhere to the discipline of the institute in its true letter and spirit.

On the whole, the Trust aims at providing the kind of education which makes the youth physically fit, emotionally balance, morally uplifted, spiritually awakened, intellectually enriched, academically sound, personally adjusted, professionally proficient, socially enlightened, nationally highly sought after and internationally acknowledged.