Onsite certificate programs cater to Accounting professionals or students of an Educational Institutions or a group of Accountants who want to supplement or refresh their existing knowledge and skills.

    • Employees of a Particular Organization.
    • Educational Institutions.
    • Seminars & Workshops.

Onsite programs are usually offered online or on-campus as part of a continuing education program. While it may not be mandatory, most students in anOnsite program are experienced in a corporate environment and have at least some college credits.

Program Coursework

Topics include current topics in Accounting, Finance, Taxation or Latest developments in Software.

    • Corporate Finance.
    • Accounting Standards & Regulations.
    • Communication and Team Work.
    • Industrial Rules and Regulations.
    • Using Advanced Excel.
    • Tally Audit Tool.
    • Critical thinking
    • Banking Regulations.
    • Developing effective presentations.
    • Employees Development Workshops.